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Junction of Lugalo and Magore St, Upanga, Amverton Office Park, Second Floor

Apartment & Hotel for Sale at Victoria, Dar es Salaam

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  • 40 apartments
  • Gym
  • kitchen and balcony
  • Laundry area
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool


Building Structure

There are a total 40 apartments in 2 Blocks, Block 1 and Block 2.


In block no1 which is in front of the hotel, there are 16 apartments of 1 bedroom, sitting room, dining, kitchen and balcony. Also, in this block there are two 3 bedrooms apartment which are in the first floor.


In block 2 there are 22 apartments out of which 12 are 3 bedrooms apartments comprises of sitting room, dining and very beautiful kitchen. It has 2 balconies one near the kitchen and the other one outside the bedroom.

There are also 2 penthouses of 3 bedrooms each which have been built with modeling ceiling. All the bedrooms have their own washrooms.
In fact, the view of the pent houses which are on the top floor is very beautiful. One can see the whole of Dar es Salaam including the harbor and the sea on the Eastern side and also at the western side one can see the football national stadium.
Also, there are 10 apartments of 2 bedrooms each at the back of this Block B which has 2 balconies one in the master bedrooms and one outside the sitting room. All rooms are fully furnished.


In this area there is the 3rd building comprising of Gym, Sauna, steam bath and Laundry. This building is 5 meters width and 18 meters length.
On the second floor there is a laundry which washes all the hotel linen like towels, bed sheets, bedcover etc. In front of this building there is a big swimming pool which has 6 meter in width and 18 meter in length. It has also an area of children to swim with a Jacuzzi. Around this area there is beautiful garden. The total area of this building is 270 M² out of which 108 M² swimming pool. There is also Machine room for swimming pool and outside Toilets.


On the western side of the front of the Hotel i.e block 1 there is a modern Restaurant with a big kitchen lining area of 18 x 18 mtrs and on top of the restaurant there are accounting offices and a big balcony. The administrative office of the Hotel Apartments is in the Eastern side of the block 1 with a total of 10 x 10 M².


Hotel Apartments has enough parking area for all the tenants of the hotel and their guest. This area has a roundabout of 9 x 9 mts and has a very nice garden.


Hotel Apartments building structure has a Persian and Arabian architectural beauty dating back 100 years when they came here in east Africa. We have done this purposely as an example of our old building which were built in Bagamoyo, Zanzibar, Kilwa and even here in Dar es salaam, Like the Municipal building in Dar es salaam.



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